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ICMGP 2013 - Visa Information

UK Visa Requirements for Conference Attendance

We encourage and welcome delegates from around the globe to take part in ICMGP:

It is, important to note that under the Immigration Rules of the United Kingdom and in order to attend an academic conference in the UK, nationals of certain countries must apply for a visa before travelling. The list of countries whose delegates require a UK visa can be found under

If you are a national or citizen of one of the countries who require visa for entrance to the UK, and in order to be able to apply for a timely and successful academic visitor visa you must

1. Register and pay your delegate fee for ICMGP 2013, do not leave this for the last moment as visas can take time to be issued.

2. Once the organising team receive your full registration and payments, we can then confirm that you intend to attend the conference.

Do I need a VISA?

1. CLICK to work out if you need a VISA to attend the 11th ICMGP. You should quote “visit” as the purpose of your trip to the UK and “Business Visitor” as the type of visit.

2. For further information on applying for VISAs CLICK

ICMGP 2013 may be able to supply a letter of support for your application. If you require a supporting letter please email us by clicking


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