Session Title :

Mercury emissions from coal combustion: sources, regulation and control

Synopsis :

This session investigates mercury emissions, regulation and control specific to coal combustion sources. Studies in the largest coal producing/using countries, and examples of mercury controls potentially applicable in developing countries, are especially relevant. Emerging limits on mercury emissions through policy action in the U.S. and elsewhere will also be examined.

Description :

Mercury emissions from coal combustion represent the largest single source of anthropogenic mercury emissions in many parts of the world. In this session we investigate ways in which emission of coal-derived mercury can be reduced, on scales ranging from individual power stations to entire countries. We invite case studies specific to coal combustion sources and mercury control, including mercury-specific controls, optimization of conventional controls for mercury capture, and pre-combustion approaches. We welcome presentations from throughout the world, but especially among the world's largest coal producers and users. Research demonstrating low-cost approaches to mercury control that may be applicable in developing countries is of particular interest. The session will also examine limits on mercury emissions from coal combustion as a result of policy action.