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ICMGP 2013 - Under Represented Groups

Acepting Under Represented Groups funding requests is now closed

We encourage the participation of traditionally under-represented groups at the 11th ICMGP in Edinburgh, Scotland. Financial assistance for participation in the conference will be available on a competitive basis to a limited number of applicants from under-represented groups.

The funding is provided to enhance the capacity on mercury issues in developing countries and in countries with economy in transition, and among under-represented groups throughout the world.

Please read the application procedures and criteria below to see if you qualify to apply for this subsidy.

Who is a member of an under-represented group?

  • Representatives of developing countries addressing mercury pollution
  • Students conducting research on mercury who, without financial support, would be unable to attend the conference
  • Representatives of communities affected by mercury pollution
  • Representatives of indigenous peoples groups

What funding is available?

Partial funding is available to help offset travel (excluding air fare) and accommodation expenses. The exact amount of funding will depend on the number of qualified applicants.

Successful applicants will have their registration fees paid, will be provided accommodations during the conference at the local university dormitories and a fixed amount of money upon arrival at the conference. We will not provide airline tickets nor send money in advance to successful applicants.

How does one apply?

When is the application deadline?

15th January , 2013

What criteria will be used to evaluate applications?

In addition to being a member of an under-represented group, successful applicants must indicate in their application:

  • A demonstrated need for financial assistance
  • The benefits to individual and/or institution from attending the conference
  • Individual contributions and/or collaborations that will be enhanced by attending the conference

When will you be notified of the status of your application?

Applications will be reviewed and notification to the successful applicants will be made in late February.


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