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ICMGP 2013 - Student Volunteers

No NameOrganisation
1 Cornelius BrombachUniversity of Aberdeen
2 Eva KruppUniversity of Aberdeen
3 Zuzana GajdosechovaUniversity of Aberdeen
4 Michelle MorrisQueen Mary, University of London
5 Ana Teresa ReisUniversity of Aveiro
6 Olga CavouraUniversity of Strathclyde
7 Andrew RobsonUniversity of Strathclyde
8 Siriporn Borrirukwisitsak (Muk)University of Strathclyde
9 Bedraya E A MandekarUniversity of Strathclyde
10 Aoife Brennan University of Strathclyde
11 Tanatip UanUniversity of Strathclyde
12 Christine DavidsonUniversity of Strathclyde
13 Keith TorranceUniversity of Strathclyde
14 Sarah R.LeesonCentre for Ecology & Hydrology
15 John KentisbeerCentre for Ecology & Hydrology
16 Virginia Echavarri BravoHeriot Watt University
17 Tom AsprayHeriot Watt University
18 Katherine Deliz QuinonesUniversity of Florida
19 Ana Maria HaganUniversity of Florida
20 Ana MiklavcicJozef Stefan Institute
21 Laura MottaRutgers University
22 Jacopo SeccatoreUniversity of Sao Paulo
23 Sarah BeattieUniversity of Manitoba
24 Chao ZhangInsititute of Geochemistry,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
25 Daniele KasperInstituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazania
26 Francesca GregoryEdinburgh University
27 Aneshimode Leslie AdogameUniversity of St Andrews, Fife
28 Calum Keenan
29 Miles Stapleton
30 Delia Stapleton
31 Jon Babi
32 Aneshimode Adogame

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