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ICMGP 2013 - Student Awards and Prizes

Please register your interest

There are a number of prizes that can be awarded to students presenting at the conference however in order to make sure your poster or presentation is not overlooked then please e-mail the appropriate person below with your details (name, session number, room and time and also the title of your poster presentations) Please put in the subject line the prize you are aiming for!

Please note you MUST be attending the closing ceremony and if you are leaving prior to that then we would appreciate that you do not register.

There will also be sheets provided at registration for you to enter for these awards.

The following awards are particularly aimed at the student body.

RSC (Royal Society Chemistry) Award

In the fields of: Analytical methodology, environmental monitoring & Environmental Assessment

Best student presentation award - Free one year subscription to RSC journal- Winner - James Goacher

WSF (Water Society Forum) Water Poster Prizes for Students

Anything that is water related! Monitoring, assessment, fish studies etc

Best Water Oral Presentation Winner - Prize Money - £500 - Cornelius Brombach

Best Water Poster Presentation Winner - Prize Money - £300 - Robin Smith

Best Water Poster Presentation Runner up - Prize Money - £200 - Jessica Huber

Awards by the Conference Committee

ICMGP 2013 - Hg Industrial Award - Peter Stockwell

Best student presentation award – Prestigious Plaque - Hannah M Horowitz

Best Poster Presentation – Prestigious plaque - Sae Kwon which was presented by Martin Tsui

(i.e. no money but you get a permanent reminder of your success!!)

If you are interested in being included for any of these awards (and if you’re a student why not???) then

please e-mail: John Kentisbeer: please remember to state what awards you qualify for (e,g. water:poster) so that we can make sure your work is judged. Good Luck!


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