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ICMGP 2013 - Special Issue Journals


There will be a SPECIAL ISSUE of Science of the Total Environment (STOTEN) dedicated to the Edinburgh 2013 11th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant for which the theme is “Science informing global policy.”

Title: Mercury Biogeochemical Cycling and Processes: Implications for human and ecosystem health

Brief summary of the SI: Papers submitted to this Special Issue should describe work investigating the biogeochemical cycle of mercury that overlaps at least 2 to 3 of the five Earth spheres – lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and anthroposphere. Studies that focus on > 3 of these will be given primary consideration. Papers reporting results from only one sphere will not be considered. Field studies will be given priority over laboratory studies. By definition, total environment studies are multidisciplinary. In addition, manuscripts submitted for publication in Science of the Total Environment should establish connections among research findings with implications for environmental quality, ecological health, and/or human health.

List of authors and papers: This list will be formulated during and after the meeting. Authors may submit a tentative title, list of authors, and short description of the topic anytime during the meeting and until September 15, 2013. These could be submitted to any of the Guest Editors in person or at stoten@cabnr.unr.edu . Note a Special Issue is limited to < 25 papers, and if more papers are submitted we will work with the Overseeing Editor to try to accommodate these.

Names of Guest Editors: Drs. Mae Sexauer Gustin-University of Nevada-Reno, Chad Hammerschmidt-Wright State University, Steven E. Lindberg-Emeritus-Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Timeline of the special issue

  • This journal has a 30% acceptance rate and a five year impact factor of 3.789.
  • Deadline for submission of title, list of authors, and short description of the topic: September 15, 2013.
  • Full paper submission deadline: papers will be due by February 15, 2014 and authors are encouraged to submit before this date.
  • Submission of revised manuscripts deadline: May 1st 2014
  • Acceptance deadline to have a decision made on the manuscripts: June 15th, 2014
  • As soon as papers are accepted, they will be brought into production and then published online.
  • If the number of final accepted papers is more than 15, it will be published as a stand-alone special issue. If it is less than 15, then it would be included as a special section in a regular issue.
  • The tentative date for the publication of the issue/section on-line and paper copy is August/September 2014 if everything goes well on time in the editorial and review process.

For information on the journal and detailed instructions to authors see the following link:

Royal Society of Chemistry Journals

We are pleased to announce that the “Royal Society of Chemistry” have offered a cross journal web-themed issue relating to papers presented at “International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant 2013” across the following journals:

Analytical Methods - Early applied demonstrations of new analytical methods with clear societal impact

JAAS - Innovative research on the fundamental theory and application of spectrometric techniques

Metallomics – A global approach to metals in biology

Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts - advancing our understanding of environmental hazards, processes, and impacts, and offer solutions to today's and future problems, formerly the Journal of Environmental Monitoring

RSC Advances - An international journal to further the chemical sciences

Authors from the participating sessions are invited to choose the most appropriate venue for their research. Once these articles have been peer-reviewed, themed articles in all journals will be combined on the web in one collection, as a permanent record of the conference. Articles submitted to the participating journals will be reviewed in the usual manner, and also appear in a normal issue both online and in print. The journals offer free colour, have no page charges whatsoever, and there are no page limits.

The submission deadline for our web theme will be September 24th 2013 with the view of final publication in January 2014. Specific information on the scope of each journal and author submission instructions can be found on the above links.

Hg in the Oil and Gas Industry

We are pleased to announce that the Journal of “Petrochemical Applied Research” has offered to produce a special issue relating to “Hg in the Oil and Gas Industry”.

For information about the scope of this journal please visit

The authors may submit their manuscripts for the special issue at
www.editorialmanager.com/aprs and could also view the instructions for authors at www.springer.com/chemistry/catalysis/journal/13203?detailsPage=pltci_1301020

The deadline for submission of papers is September 24th 2013. Papers submitted will undergo the usual peer review procedure in accordance with the journal requirements.


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