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ICMGP 2013 - Social Activities

Public Open Day entry

Sunday 28th of July -- Venue: Convention Centre , Lomond Suite

If you have ever wondered where the phrase ‘Mad as a hatter’ came from, here is your chance to find out…

The organisers of Mercury 2013 have created a special, FREE, event for members of the public. Anyone with concerns about the amount of seafood in their diet, or about dental fillings, or about mercury in vaccines, or exposure to mercury in past science lessons, or simply a scientific interest in mercury as a toxic pollutant, can come along to learn more about this notorious element. Visitors can even have their hair or breath tested for mercury.

The open day has been designed for both children and adults – kids will be able to dress up as volcanologists and there will be a wealth of information on mercury, its history and toxicity.

opening ceremony

Sunday 28th of July -- Venue: Convention Centre , Pentland Suite

When booking your flights/travel, make sure you arrive early enough to attend not only the Open Day but also the sparkling Gala Opening Ceremony. This will be your chance to mingle and network, drink in hand, in advance of the meeting.

We are honoured to have our international conference opened by three very distinguished VIPs:

Mr David Piper, Deputy Head of the Chemicals Branch of UNEP’s Division of Technology Industry and Economics

Mr Paul Wheelhouse, MSP - Minister for the Environment and Climate Change for the Scottish Government

Mr Anders Flanking, State Secretary for the Environment, Swedish Goverment

Following their welcoming addresses to the delegates and an enthusiastic welcome from your chairs - Dr Lesley Sloss, Dr Warren Corns and Professor Helen Keenan, be ready to enjoy a taste of Scotland that may be somewhat different to what you might be expecting. Scotland has history and culture and tradition ... but it also has some of the most vibrant and exhilarating entertainers you will ever see/hear. Forget cold sandwiches and flat Prosecco - this is an opening ceremony to blow other opening ceremonies out of the water. You do NOT want to miss this.

Attendance at the Opening Ceremony, including all entertainment, drinks and snacks is FREE TO ALL REGISTERED DELEGATES.

Poster session cocktail receptions

Monday 29th & Tuesday 30th of July (5:30 pm - 7:00 pm)
Venue: Convention Centre , Cromdale Hall

Edinburgh castle reception

Tuesday 30th of July, register your place

Enjoy an evening with friends and colleagues at Edinburgh castle. Over 1,000 years of history awaits you. See the Crown Jewels, mingle with historic characters who will treat you to an insight into the past, see the Edinburgh skyline by night and even get a sneak glimpse of rehearsals of the World Famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Canapes and drinks will be included.

Don’t be late the night will commence at 7.30 pm

For security Please bring your conference badge as proof of identity. Guests arriving after 8pm will denied entry.

Register Edinburgh Castle tour
Student networking evening

Tuesday 30th of July

Everyone is invited to come: Students and those who are still students in their heart. The student night is a free event, we will have good fun with a pub quiz and you can get to know more Scientists in your research area over a pint. Check out the flyer.

Wednesday afternoon Activities

The Wednesday afternoon has been set aside for social activities. Whether you prefer a high paced adrenaline fuelled afternoon of Kayaking, White-water rafting or Canyoning or perhaps you’d prefer a laid back afternoon of Golf or tours in and around Edinburgh the choice is yours.

Cashel Travel will be providing the Wednesday afternoon as well as any other activities you may be interested in.

Click here to view and book the activities

The Gala evening

Thursday 1st of August -- Venue: Convention Centre

The last night of ICMGP is always the best night. Mix with old and new friends, enjoy live music, whisky tasting & surprise entertainment. An informal night of fun, food and beverages are provided all you need to do is turn up and enjoy yourselves. Come and sing along with Marcello Vegas and his band with an updated cover version of "I would walk 500 miles" by the Proclaimers.

The Closing Ceremony

Friday 2nd August -- Venue: Convention Centre , Pentland Suite until 1PM

Leaving so soon? The closing ceremony is NOT just a boring list of "thankyous" - it is a chance to see some photographs of highlights from the scientific and social agenda, to collect any prizes you may have won in the numerous sponsored poster and paper competitions, and to enjoy a taster of what we may be enjoying in Je-Ju Island, Korea, in 2015 at the next meeting, It will be nothing if not memorable and will be far more enjoyable than that 40 minute queue at the airport check-in counter. So be sure to adjust your schedule accordingly.


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