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Statement on INC-5 from Eric Uram, SafeMinds Executive Director

"It was been a long week of negotiations. But at the end, or should I say the beginning of this new day, the creation of a global instrument to address purposeful and incidental mercury production, uses and releases signals great opportunity. Once fully implemented, this could go a long way in addressing the mercury implicated in autism and other childhood neurological impacts as well as potential late-life diseases for people everywhere."

"he world is coming together in efforts to address common problems that can only be resolved through common solutions.

"SafeMinds observes in the final outcome that lessons from the past have helped shape the future. As this instrument signals a new era of opportunities coming from some of those lessons, we look forward to working together in the spirit of achieving the common goal of a better environment and a less toxic future for the children of the world. In our role as an observer in the negotiations, and now as a partner in addressing the solutions once the instrument goes into force, we look forward to working with all parties to make this instrument a success. SafeMinds thanks everyone involved over the past five years for their hard work and commitment to drafting the Minamata Convention."


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