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Public invited to mercury toxicity event


Edinburgh Centre

The organisers of the ‘Mercury 2013’ International Conference have created a free open day for members of the public on Sunday 28th July. “Anyone with concerns about the amount of seafood in their diet, or about dental fillings or exposure to mercury in past science lessons, or simply a scientific interest in mercury as a toxic pollutant, can come along and have their hair or breath tested for mercury,” says Dr Lesley Sloss.


“The open day has been designed for both children and adults – kids will be able to dress up as volcanologists and there will be a wealth of information on mercury, its history and toxicity. For example, visitors will be amazed to learn how mercury was actually used to treat sick patients as recently as the 19th and early 20th century.”


Taking place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, from 2pm to 4.30pm, Dr Sloss is hopeful that the event will appeal to a broad spectrum of the local community from school children to concerned parents and scientists.


The open day marks the beginning of the Mercury 2013 International Conference which will be attended by delegates from over 100 countries, who, over the following 5 days, will discuss the implementation of a recent global agreement to reduce mercury emissions.


Further information is available at: www.mercury2013.com .

Click on the URL to register for conference : www.mercury2013.com/registration/ .


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