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Mercury Analysers and Posters Presented at ICMGP



Be sure to visit Teledyne Leeman Labs (USA) Booth #29 & 31 at ICMGP in Edinburgh on July 28th to August 2nd to see the Hydra II Mercury Analyser.  Leeman Labs will also be presenting two posters at the show: “Determination of Mercury in Synthetic Gypsum by Thermal Decomposition, Amalgamation, and Cold Vapour Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy” and “Quality Control Considerations for EN 17852 The Determination of Mercury Using Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy.”  Be sure to stop by the booth for more information on Mercury Analysers and the posters being presented or contact us today at leemanlabsinfo@teledyne.com (www.teledyneleemanlabs.com)


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