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Low Capital Cost Solutions for Mercury Compliance



Nalco (Switzerland) has pioneered low capital cost solutions for mercury compliance and capture in dry scrubbers and in wet scrubbers (wFGD’s) that demonstrate mercury re-emission. Many coal fired power plants experience the phenomenon of mercury re-emission. It is the chemical process within a wFGD where oxidised mercury is reverted back to elemental mercury. Elemental mercury, which is not soluble in water, is then not captured by the wFGD and escapes out the stack making the plant non-compliant. Nalco’s approach is a non-carbon, low cost, non-capital intensive solution using Nalco’s patented MerControl 8034 Plus (for re-emission in wFGD’s) and MerControl 6012 (for dry scrubbers). Both products are liquid injection, require minimal material handling and have extremely low toxicity. Nalco has performed over 60 customer trials to date with these solutions and both MerControl products are in use today in North America, keeping coal fired power plants in compliance without the addition of major capital equipment.


Stop by Stand # 30 to discuss your needs with one of Nalco’s experts. In addition, find in the show proceedings agenda two presentations given by John Meier, Global Product Manager, Nalco Air Protection Technologies on each technology.


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