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Gasmet launches new Mercury emissions monitor



Gasmet (Finland), manufacturer of advanced gas analysis systems, will launch a new continuous mercury monitoring system (CMM) at Mercury 2013 in Edinburgh, Scotland (28th July – 2nd August).


Gasmet Europe’s Antti Heikkilä says “The CMM employs cold vapour atomic fluorescence (CVAF) to deliver very low detection limits at a significantly lower cost than other comparable mercury monitoring instruments.


“We have already installed systems in Finland and Poland, and initial users have been delighted with the CMM’s ability to measure low Mercury levels without cross-interference from gases such as Sulphur Dioxide. No separate chemicals, gold amalgamation concentrators, air scrubbers or additional gases are required, so operational costs are also very low.”


Legislation to limit mercury emissions from combustion processes is progressing quickly in many parts of the world, but process managers have already started to implement mercury monitoring programs.


The Gasmet CMM is now available from a worldwide network of subsidiaries and distributors; however visitors to Mercury 2013 (www.mercury2013.com) will be able to meet some of the Gasmet staff that have been involved in the development of this technology at stand No. 24.


Further information is available at www.gasmet.fi.


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