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Ecotech Mercury Calibrations


With increased global interest in monitoring mercury, regular traceable calibrations are now even more essential in maintaining your test equipment to ISO accredited standards. 


Ecotech Pty Ltd (Australia) now offers a global calibration service to ensure optimum performance and calibration of your instrumentation.


Our laboratory is staffed by highly skilled technicians with experience in ambient air, gas analysis and calibration of portable Hg instruments.


Our services include:


Compliance to ISO 9000 standard. 

NIST/NATA mercury vapour traceable calibrations. 

Full asset management records on our database.

Calibration recall alerts emailed one month before due date.

Consumables and spares in stock for fast service.

Calibration certificate and label supplied with each instrument.

Emergency hire equipment available on request.

Fast calibration service anywhere in the world.


We service and calibrate the following Hg monitors:


Arizona Instruments – Gold Film and Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy Mercury Analysers.

Mercury Instruments – Portable Mercury Vapour and UV Absorption Analysers.

Ohio Lumex – Portable Mercury Vapour Analysers.

Bacharach – Mercury Vapour Sniffers.

Nippon Instruments – Portable Mercury Vapour Analysers.

Genesis Laboratory Systems – Portable Mercury Vapour Analysers.


Other manufactured mercury instruments can be calibrated on request.


More information can be obtained by emailing calibrations@ecotech.com.au


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