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30 Years of Excellence in Environmental Monitoring



In 2013 P S Analytical (UK) celebrates its 30th anniversary as one of the specialist suppliers of instrumentation and technology in the environmental market.


P S Analytical specialises in the supply of instrumentation for ultra-low level determination and the speciation of environmentally important elements such as mercury, arsenic, selenium, antimony, tellurium and bismuth.  Their pioneering detector technology is based on atomic fluorescence spectrometry a technique which PSA developed commercially more than 25 years ago. PSA provides systems tailored for customer requirements with worldwide applications support, technical assistance and full-service back up. 


PSA produces a range of process analytical instruments to measure mercury in fossil fuels, notably coal fired stack emissions and natural gas plants which offer systems capable of providing both measurement and control facilities. PSA provide suitable sampling systems which present the fully representative sample to the measurement device to provide accurate results.  For both applications PSA developed a unique calibration system which is traceable to NIST standards. This not only enables the instrument to be checked periodically but also ensures the integrity of the sample to be validated.


P S Analytical is proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified and to provide online systems which meet international standards. They can be found on stand 13 & 14 at ICMGP.


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