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ICMGP 2013 - Local Organising Committee

  • IEA Cleancoallesley

  • Lesley Sloss
  • Chairman
  • IEA Clean Coal Centre

Lesley is currently Principal Environmental Consultant with the Clean Coal Centre of the International Energy Agency where she has worked since 1990. In this time, Lesley has produced over 30 reports relating to the environmental consequences of coal combustion such as emissions and effects, fly ash use, greenhouse effects and the associated legislation and control technologies. Many papers have been published in journals relating to this work and Lesley regularly chairs and presents at international meetings. Through the Clean Coal Centre, she has established CEM – the International Conference on Emissions Monitoring – which has been running since 1997, and MEC – Experts Workshop on Mercury Emissions from Coal – which has been running since 2003. Lesley is lead on the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Coal Partnership.

Lesley is extremely honoured and excited to be chairing this year’s ICMGP in Edinburgh and to introducing friends and colleagues, old and new, to her homeland of Scotland.

  • University of Strathclydelesley

  • Dr Helen Keenan (CChem CScI MRSC)
  • Vice Chair
  • Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • University of Strathclyde

Helen is an analytical chemist, with expertise in the determination, monitoring and modeling of toxic and persistant organic pollutants (POPs). This includes pollutants such as methyl mercury and endocrine disruptors, such as bisphenol A (BPA) She was appointed as an academic lecturer within the David Livingstone Centre for Sustainability at the University of Strathclyde in 2008, following on from her role as Laboratory Manager. Dr. Keenan was invited to join the United Nations GESAMP (Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection) and currently serves as Chair of Working Group 37, dealing with mercury and its compounds in the marine environment. She has produced reports for both UNEP and UNIDO on various environmental pollutants as well as numerous scientific papers. She co-leads the Environmental Pollution and Health Effects Group with Dr. Christine Davidson in the Department of Pure & Applied Chemistry at Strathclyde.

I am hoping that everyone has a wonderful time in beautiful Edinburgh enjoying the science and the social life. I am very proud of my Scottish heritage and want to make sure that every has a really enjoyable experience. Remember that no visit to Scotland would be complete without sampling a ‘wee dram’ of uisge beatha or ‘the water of life’ …the name given by the ancient Celts to the fiery amber nectar we now call Scotch whisky and also that in Scotland we know when it is summer because the rain is a wee bit warmer! Looking forward to meeting everyone, friends old and new.

  • Dr Christine Davidson
  • Department of Pure & Applied Chemistry
  • University of Strathclyde

  • p s analytical Warren

  • Dr Warren T Corns (CChem, CSci, FRSC, FIEnvSci, FIAQM)
  • Vice Chair
  • Research and Technical Support Manager
  • P S Analytical Ltd

Warren Corns is Head of Research and Development of PS Analytical Ltd based in Orpington, UK. He has a BSc in Marine Chemistry and PhD in Analytical Chemistry. His main area of expertise is in the field of automated trace element analysis of mercury and hydride forming elements. He has been working in this field since 1985 and was involved in the early development of atomic fluorescence spectrometry for mercury analysis. Warren works closely with academia supervising graduate, MSc and PhD students. He is a consultant for industry, managing and supervising various monitoring projects. He has conducted numerous Hg surveys on oil, gas and petrochemical plants focusing on the performance of mercury removal units and the issues of Hg embrittlement and catalysis poisoning. He was awarded the Hilger Spectroscopy Prize for his achievements in Analytical Chemistry and his research team has been awarded numerous awards such as the RSC Industrial Innovation Award for their work on Hg in the Petrochemical Industry. Warren is actively involved in the production of standardised methods for mercury sitting on various ISO/CEN/ASTM/BSI technical working groups as is the nominated UK principal expert. This covers a wide range of applications including ambient air, emissions, petrochemicals and food. Warren is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Institute of Environmental Science and Institute of Air Quality Management and has published over 60 papers on trace element analysis.

Warren is very honoured to be co-chairing the ICMGP in Edinburgh. He has had the pleasure of attending all but one of the Hg conferences since Hamburg 1996 and is looking forward to another great scientific and social gathering with friends new and old.

  • International labmate Marucs Pattison

  • Marcus Pattison
  • Managing Director
  • International Labmate Ltd

Marcus is Managing Director of International Labmate a privately owned company which is celebrating its 40th Anniversary next year, he has been working with the company for 24 years. International Labmate publishes 9 trade magazines, organises and hosts many conferences, exhibitions and specialist meetings worldwide. Marcus is a publisher, conference and exhibition organiser for the Scientific, Environmental and Petrochemical industries

As the Organiser of this year’s ICMGP I would like to welcome you all to Scotland. It has been a very enjoyable two year project working alongside the Scientific Committee and the Local Organising Committee many of whom have become great friends. I hope you enjoy the conference and exhibition as well as take advantage of the social programmes and Edinburgh. Please also take time to meet up and network with fellow delegates with whom I am sure you will form a lifelong bond.

  • Scottish Water

  • Simon Gillespie
  • Laboratory Manager

  • SEPA

  • Graham Applegate
  • Scottish Environment Protection Agency

  • National School Of Public Health

  • Olga Cavoura
  • David Livingstone Centre for Sustainability Dept of Civil Engineering

  • National Physical Laboratory

  • Dr Richard J. C. Brown FRSC
  • Analytical Science Division
  • National Physical Laboratory

  • STA

  • David Curtis
  • Source Testing Association

  • Defra

  • John Roberts
  • Defra Chemicals & Nanotechnologies Division

  • SGS

  • Dr Derek Bryce
  • Oil, Gas & Chemicals
  • SGS United Kingdom Limited

  • SCI


  • Prof. K. Clive Thompson
  • Chief Scientist
  • ALcontrol Laboratories

  • AEA

  • Robert Whiting
  • AEA

  • EON

  • Susan Weatherstone
  • E.ON

  • University Of Aberdeen

  • Dr Eva Krupp
  • Lecturer in Environmental and Analytical Chemistry
  • University of Aberdeen
  • Cornelius Bombach
  • University of Aberdeen

  • University of Oxford

  • Melanie Witt
  • University of Oxford

  • University of London

  • Michelle Morris
  • Queen Mary, University of London

  • Heriot-Watt University

  • Dr Thomas Aspray
  • Heriot-Watt University

  • Heriot-Watt University


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