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ICMGP 2013 - Awards

The Dow Chemical Company Award for Innovation in Mercury Science

Prize Money - $1000 - Ray Drenner and Jeroen Sonke Joint winners

RSC (Royal Society Chemistry) Award

In the fields of: Analytical methodology, environmental monitoring & Environmental Assessment

Best student presentation award - Free one year subscription to RSC journal- Winner - James Goacher

WSF (Water Society Forum) Water Poster Prizes for Students

Anything that is water related! Monitoring, assessment, fish studies etc

Best Water Oral Presentation Winner - Prize Money - £500 - Cornelius Brombach

Best Water Poster Presentation Winner - Prize Money - £300 - Robin Smith

Best Water Poster Presentation Runner up - Prize Money - £200 - Jessica Huber

Awards by the Conference Committee

ICMGP 2013 - Hg Industrial Award - Peter Stockwell

Best student presentation award – Prestigious Plaque - Hannah M Horowitz

Best Poster Presentation – Prestigious plaque - Sae Kwon which was presented by Martin Tsui

(i.e. no money but you get a permanent reminder of your success!!)

If you are interested in being included for any of these awards (and if you’re a student why not???) then

please e-mail: John Kentisbeer: please remember to state what awards you qualify for (e,g. water:poster) so that we can make sure your work is judged. Good Luck!


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