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ICMGP 2013 - Abstract Submission

* Abstract Submissions are now closed


Creating a Profile

The first stage of submitting an abstract is to create a profile. Please use the link above

Please fill in the fields using your information, you can submit an abstract on someone else’s behalf with the options later in the process.

Write down your password somewhere safe. We do not currently have a password recovery feature on this website, if you forget your password you will need to contact us at info@mercury2013.com or by phone on +44 (0)1727 858840 to recover it.

The log in Hub

Once you have created your profile you will then be taken to the log in page, log in using your details and you will see the abstract submission hub. From here you can create a new abstract, edit a saved abstract, submit an abstract and pay your abstract submission fee.

Creating an Abstract

* Delegates may submit multiple papers and poster abstracts. However, each delegate will only be allowed to give ONE oral presentation. Delegates may, however, co-author multiple oral papers, presented by others, and may submit as many posters as required. Only those posters which meet minimum standards will be accepted. Although multiple posters are acceptable there may be a limitation to the number of posters that one person can present.

Click on the “create abstract” button. You will then be taken to a new page where you can fill in the details either yourself, or the person you are submitting the abstract for. You can add/delete multiple co-authors by clicking the “add another author/presenter” button, you can add up to 30 co-authors.

Please note that all presenters will need to purchase delegate passes for the event, this can be done here

You can create multiple abstracts, these will be listed in the abstract hub once they have been saved or submitted.

Note on special sessions

The special sessions have already been set, if you feel your paper should be included as a special session you may select one from the drop down menu, however you must also select a second choice general session.

Saving an Abstract

You can save your progress of a submission at any time by clicking the “save” button at the bottom of the page. To resume editing or to submit the profile click “edit” from the abstract hub.

Editing an Abstract

To edit an abstract you have previously saved, click the edit button next to the title of the abstract you want to edit.

Submitting an Abstract

If you would like to submit an abstract which you are currently working on click on the “confirm abstract submission” button at the bottom of the create or edit abstract pages. If you would like to submit a previously saved abstract, you will first need to press the “edit” button to open it and then press the “confirm abstract submission” button.

Please note, that once you submit an abstract it cannot be edited. You also need to pay the Abstract submission fee of £25 + VAT per abstract before the abstract will be reviewed for inclusion.

Paying the Abstract submission fee

To pay your abstract submission fee of £25 + VAT from the abstract submission hub, click on the “click here to pay” button, you will then be direct to a pay where you can pay for an individual or multiple abstracts together.

Once you have ticked the box next to the abstract or abstracts you wish to pay click on “go to payment” where you will be directed to our payment processing company worldpay. Upon completion of the transaction you will be sent an email confirmation which will include your receipt.

Further Help

If you need further help submitting an abstract or if you have any technical difficulties please email info@mercury2013.com or call us on +44(0)1727 858840


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